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We have fast worldwide delivery by EMS-postWe have fast worldwide delivery by EMS-post
We provide a guarantee for products and technical supportWe provide a guarantee for products and technical support
Our system of discounts and regular promotions save your moneyOur system of discounts and regular promotions save your money
The program works only with a usb key that is the same for all modules. A key without modules is not for sale.
Activation of modules with a USB key is 1-24 hours on working days.
Modern and convenient software for editing vehicle calibrations, designed to study the processes occurring in internal combustion engines.
The 3D surface of ECULite allows you to view and analyze the firmware settings of cars. The program will be interesting for enthusiasts and students who want to study, as well as change the characteristics of their car.
Additional modules for editing the DTC error mask allow not only to turn off the error code (like many programs for removing errors), BUT also to include the diagnostic code back into the system. Such a need arises in cases when the car was reprogrammed with an incorrect firmware file, all possible error codes were deleted in the file and it is not possible to repair the car in the future.
Also available in the editor are calibrations of the ignition timing angle, tables of mixture composition, throttle characteristics, table of optimal torque, torque request, etc.
For diesel systems, maps of boost pressure, torque request, injection start phase, injection time, fuel pressure, recirculation valve table (EGR), error detection mask, etc. are available.
  • Daily work on expanding the capabilities and line of modules
  • User-friendly interface with the ability to display calibrations in the form of tables, 3D and 2D graphs
  • Editing calibrations, setting the absolute value and percentage changes
  • Displaying the error mask and calibration constants. Modular design of calibration description cards
  • The function of searching for the necessary calibration by any coincidence in the calibration name
  • The function of comparing two firmware versions with the ability to copy calibrations from the compared file
  • The function of exporting the differences of the compared files to text for further analysis of the changes made

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