20 Mercedes MR PLD 24С DTC

Product Code: 20
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
Reward Points: 300
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The module allows you to view, edit and compare the "partial" DTC error mask, errors are available on the SCR system, NOx sensors, EGT sensors, FAN sensors, DPF differential pressure sensors, etc.
The automatic shutdown function of the SCR/AdBlue system is available.
Support for Mercedes-Benz trucks: Actros, Axor, Kamaz, MAZ, BharatBenz cars, ROPA agricultural machinery, as well as any other equipment with a Mercedes engine and a MR PLD control unit.
Automatic error patch "4058 The data record in control module MR engine control has been manipulated".
Decryption of error codes according to the manufacturer's standard. It is possible to search for the fault code by the error number, the full decryption of the code or any coincidence in the decryption. Viewing of extended firmware IDs is available.
An engine torque limitation table is available.
The module does not correct CS checksums in the firmware.
It is recommended to read and write firmware files to the ECU using the AutoVEI TruckExplorer programmer (license MR, MR+) this programmer corrects the CS checksums before writing to the ECU.
The language of the module is English.
Supported versions of the MR PLD board:
  • Type A5 (MCU C167CR)
  • Type A6 (MCU C167CR)
  • Type A7 (MCU XC2287)
Supported software versions:
  • 09D, 10B, 11C, 21D, 22B, 23E, 24B, 24C

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