Discount system

From 15 June 2015. for each order of equipment and software modules for registered users reward points. The cost of one point approximately equal to one ruble. Use points when you buy equipment, not software modules and usb-dongles. Each product that can be purchased for points (or reduce its cost points) the value on the website are quoted in rubles and in points.

To take advantage of bonus points when paying for the order ,log in with your username and password on the website, make an order in the shopping cart in a special field, enter the number of points you want to spend on a specific order. The tooltip will tell you what is the maximum number of points you can use for this order.

Limitation on the amount of used bonus points when ordering 20%.

Discount system does not negate the promo codes and other promotions!
Permitted to use promotional codes and at the same time save or spend bonuses.

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