24 Ford EDC17CV41

Product Code: 24
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
Reward Points: 30
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The Ford EDC17CV41 module 24 allows you to view, compare and edit firmware files of Ford Cargo F-Max vehicles (Bosch EDC17CV41 ECU).
Calibrations are available for editing: boost pressure, fuel pressure, fuel supply, fuel supply correction, injection phases, torque limits, AdBlue, AdBlue liquid level, sensor calibration, RPM XX, DTC error mask.
In total, about 150 calibrations are supported, depending on the software version.
The language of the module is English/Russian
The module does not correct CS checksums.
The firmware format is open *.bin
To read and write firmware, it is recommended to use the Combiloader programmer Bosch MEDC17 BSM module, this programmer automatically corrects checksums before writing a file to the ECU.
Supported software versions:
  • 1355_3C0_v11_9_i1
  • P1355_3_7_0_OTO_v11_3_TST_i7_ACAC
  • P1355_3B0_v11_8_Ti2
  • P1355_3C0_v11_8_i2A
  • P1355_3C0_v11_9_i1
  • P1355_3C0_v11_9_i5
  • P1355_3D0_v11_9_i7
  • P1355_3E0_v11_9_i13
  • P1355_3F0_v11_9_i24
  • P1355_3F0_v11_9_i25
  • P1355_3F1_v11_9_i31
  • P1355_5C0_v1_6_Ti11
  • P1355_5C0_v1_6_Ti15
  • P1355_5D0_v1_6_i32
  • P1355_3E0_v11_9_i13


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