Multibrand scanner Scanmatik 2 (Scanmatik 2)

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Developed a J2534 driver to work with third party diagnostic programs and loaders.

Scanmatik 2 (Scanmatik 2) - multi-brand universal scanner designed for the diagnosis of modern systems of control car. Consists of a: a diagnostic adapter sm-2 with cables and adapters that facilitate the exchange of information between the electronic systems of the car and a personal computer or a pocket personal computer. It is suitable for cars of American, European, Japanese and Russian production and is able to work with all protocols and data bus standard OBDII/EOBD (13 x ISO-9141/ISO-14230 (KLINE); 1 x J1850 VPW; J1850 PWM 1 x; 1x High-Speed CAN (ISO 15765); 1 x Medium Speed CAN (GMLAN);1x Single Wire CAN (GMLAN).

Scanmatik basic set includes an interface for connecting to vehicles with standard diagnostic rashemen(SAE J1962) and the necessary software(all currently available software modules):

VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, Oka, ZAZ, Daewoo, Chevrolet

Chery, BYD, Geely, Great Wall, Lifan

Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai


Complete three programs for the PC (Windows), PDA (Windows Mobile) and tablet or smartphone (Android).

Features Scanmatik 2:

  • Quick payback. Thanks to the affordable cost of set – level set price Scanmatic 1, saved one of the most important advantages – low payback time. This is one of the most important indicators for the means of production. There is a reason why the owners of the equipment became not only workshops, but advanced owners of the car� that use equipment in order to refuse services to unqualified service stations. And even if such infrequent use was economically justified, the use in the service station with a good load – the more
  • The ability to work with most popular brands and models of cars. We orientirueshsya in the first place to meet the most urgent needs of our customers. On them we will build in further upgrades to the software.
  • Continuity. The second generation of machines incorporates all the features provided by the previous one. Retain the basic principles of user interface functions for the formation of files of reports, recording and preserving the data flow. Settings and even more. Accordingly, the transition to a new generation of customers does not cause any difficulties.
  • Low requirements for PC/PDA. Allows you to choose more affordable models PC – with a simple configuration. It also reduces the costs of organizing the working place of diagnostician.
  • USB and Bluetooth interfaces. The kit works on the choice for high-speed connections: wireless Bluetooth, or wired USB. Drivers of their own development are digitally signed by Microsoft® and, accordingly, is compatible with the latest versions of the operating systems Windows®.
  • The prospect of development. Taken into account the experience of application and development of the first generation, capable of expansion only through the development of software for control devices (PC – PDA) and internal ON the diagnostic adapter. Support of all common diagnostic protocols, and multiplexing.
  • Direct work with Bluetooth and USB. Connection without emulation of COM-ports does not require additional hardware or setup from the user. Increases the speed and resiliency of the connection.
  • The automatic switching. Built-in multiplexer allows software control of the switching of the scan lines of the car, placed on different pins of the diagnostic connector.
  • The improved protection. Overvoltage and reverse polarity power inputs, short-circuit signal lines to 'ground' or '+' on-Board network of the vehicle. Separate power inputs from the diagnostic pads and battery / cigarette lighter avoid short circuit in the vehicle electrical system.
  • And for 12V and 24V. Suitable for various voltage vehicle electrical system in the range from 5 to 35V. This design requires no additional devices or measures to operate the trucks. Need only software modification.

The composition of the basic set:

  • adapter Scanmatik 2 (SMUSB)
  • main cable
  • the adapter is OBD2-16 for connection to a/m
  • USB cable for PC connection
  • cable sm2.lighter for the cigarette lighter (if needed)
  • CD-ROM with software and instructions

Technical characteristics of the kit:

  • Supply voltage - 5...35V on-Board network and/or USB m
  • Current consumption 100-300mA working
  • The circuit breaker trip current 700mA
  • Supported data bus:
  • 13 x ISO-9141/ISO-14230 (KLINE);
  • 1 x J1850 VPW;
  • 1 x J1850 PWM;
  • 1 x High Speed CAN (ISO 15765);
  • 1 x Medium Speed CAN (GMLAN);
  • 1 x Single Wire CAN (GMLAN)
  • Bluetooth operating range, at least 10m
  • Adapter sizes SM-2 (l x W x h), not more than 970мм x 750mm x 220mm
  • The length of the main cable - 1.8 m
  • USB cable length - 1.8 m
  • The weight of the complete set, not more than 1.0 kg

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