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Multibrand scanner Scanmatik 2 PRO
Professional multibrand scan tool is designed to diagnose electronic control systems for modern vehicles. Working with a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, software for Windows and Android included. When you install the driver (included) works with third-party software, are made und..
* Replacement of cable OBD2 cable OBD2 + AUX
Replacement cable when you order the basic set Scanmatik 2 PRO, you want to be able to connect additional voltage output contacts enable programming that are not diagnostic, and in some connectors (some models of Mitsubishi, Hyundai, etc.) ..
Adapter OBD2-Benz-14
Adapter for a/m MAZ, utilizing diagnostic connector of this type (e.g. the bus MAZ-206). ..
To connect to the diagnostic connector of trucks and buses PAZ, GAS, gas engines YAMZ 534 CNG, CNG YAMZ 536 with control system Westport WP580. ..
Adapter OBD2-GAZ12
Adapter for GAZ and UAZ vehicles until 2008, V. ..
Adapter OBD2-GM12
The adaptor for the Daewoo to and VAZ up to 2005-V. 6g. ..
Adapter OBD2-Honda-3
Adapter to work ON Honda HDS with vehicles with 3-pin connector. ..
Adapter OBD2-ISO-16 AC Adapter OBD2-ISO-16
To connect any of the adapters from the kit Scanmatik 2. ..
Adapter OBD2-Kia20
Adapter for vehicles Kia/Hyundai with a 20-pin connector. ..
Adapter OBD2-Mitsubishi12
Adapter for vehicles Mitsubishi/Hyundai 12-pin connector. ..
Adapter OBD2-SCR-MGS
Adapter for systems of neutralization of exhaust gases SCR MGS. ..
Main cable Scanmatik-2
To connect any of the adapters from the kit Scanmatik 2. ..
Main cable with OBD2
Instead of a main cable + adapter OBDII-16 ..
Adapter GAZ-ABS
Adapter GAZ-ABS for Scanmatik ..
Adapter OBD2-Deutsch-6+9
Connection kit Scanmatik 2 to the diagnostic connector of trucks and buses, for example, the GROOVE, KAVZ, KAMAZ. ..
OBD2 adapters
Adapter OBD2 for Scanmatik ..
OBD2 cable+Aux
With contact to connect the voltage programming enable Aux ..
Adapter GAZ/UAZ-12
Adapter GAZ/UAZ-12 for Scanmatik ..
Adapter GM/VAZ-12
Adapter GM/VAZ-12 for Scanmatik ..
Adapter KIA-20
Adaptor KIA-20 for Scanmatik ..
Connection kit Scanmatik 2 to the Mitsubishi and Hyundai 12-pin diagnostic socket. ..
Adapter OBD2-FIAT-3
Connection kit Scanmatik 2 to the diagnostic connector and/m Chery Amulet ( to engine control system connector is located under the hood) ..
Multibrand scanner Scanmatik 2 (Scanmatik 2)
Developed a J2534 driver to work with third party diagnostic programs and loaders. Scanmatik 2 (Scanmatik 2) - multi-brand universal scanner designed for the diagnosis of modern systems of control car. Consists of a: a diagnostic adapter sm-2 with cables and adapters that facilitate the excha..

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