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Multibrand scanner Scanmatik 2 PRO
Professional multibrand scan tool is designed to diagnose electronic control systems for modern vehicles. Working with a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, software for Windows and Android included. When you install the driver (included) works with third-party software, are made und..
* Replacement of cable OBD2 cable OBD2 + AUX
Replacement cable when you order the basic set Scanmatik 2 PRO, you want to be able to connect additional voltage output contacts enable programming that are not diagnostic, and in some connectors (some models of Mitsubishi, Hyundai, etc.) ..
Adapter OBD2-Benz-14
Adapter for a/m MAZ, utilizing diagnostic connector of this type (e.g. the bus MAZ-206). ..
Adapter OBD2-Deutsch-6+9
Connection kit Scanmatik 2 to the diagnostic connector of trucks and buses, for example, the GROOVE, KAVZ, KAMAZ. ..
To connect to the diagnostic connector of trucks and buses PAZ, GAS, gas engines YAMZ 534 CNG, CNG YAMZ 536 with control system Westport WP580. ..
Adapter OBD2-GAZ12
Adapter for GAZ and UAZ vehicles until 2008, V. ..
Adapter OBD2-GM12
The adaptor for the Daewoo to and VAZ up to 2005-V. 6g. ..
Adapter OBD2-Honda-3
Adapter to work ON Honda HDS with vehicles with 3-pin connector. ..
Adapter OBD2-ISO-16 AC Adapter OBD2-ISO-16
To connect any of the adapters from the kit Scanmatik 2. ..
Adapter OBD2-Kia20
Adapter for vehicles Kia/Hyundai with a 20-pin connector. ..
Adapter OBD2-Mitsubishi12
Adapter for vehicles Mitsubishi/Hyundai 12-pin connector. ..
Adapter OBD2-SCR-MGS
Adapter for systems of neutralization of exhaust gases SCR MGS. ..
Main cable Scanmatik-2
To connect any of the adapters from the kit Scanmatik 2. ..
Main cable with OBD2
Instead of a main cable + adapter OBDII-16 ..
OBD2 adapters
Adapter OBD2 for Scanmatik ..
OBD2 cable+Aux
With contact to connect the voltage programming enable Aux ..
Adapter GAZ-ABS
Adapter GAZ-ABS for Scanmatik ..
Adapter GAZ/UAZ-12
Adapter GAZ/UAZ-12 for Scanmatik ..
Adapter OBD2-FIAT-3
Connection kit Scanmatik 2 to the diagnostic connector and/m Chery Amulet ( to engine control system connector is located under the hood) ..
Adapter GM/VAZ-12
Adapter GM/VAZ-12 for Scanmatik ..
Adapter KIA-20
Adaptor KIA-20 for Scanmatik ..
Connection kit Scanmatik 2 to the Mitsubishi and Hyundai 12-pin diagnostic socket. ..
Multibrand scanner Scanmatik 2 (Scanmatik 2)
Developed a J2534 driver to work with third party diagnostic programs and loaders. Scanmatik 2 (Scanmatik 2) - multi-brand universal scanner designed for the diagnosis of modern systems of control car. Consists of a: a diagnostic adapter sm-2 with cables and adapters that facilitate the excha..

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