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The scanner Scandoc Compact modern device for the in-depth vehicle diagnostics. Works with a large number of automotive brands, has a simple and user-friendly interface and allows you to perform all the basic diagnostic operations: read and reset error information, show data from the sensors, control actuators, to make corrections and complete the vehicle configuration.

The availability of a basic set

Basic kit scanner Scandoc allows you to diagnose cars of all Russian brands (VAZ, GAZ...) of factory protocols and the cars on the universal Protocol of OBD-II (providing a basic diagnosis to engine control systems).

At any time when the diagnostician will need to Supplement functions of the instrument the factory support of any cars – you can purchase the appropriate software module. The module will include all of the body and the model year of the vehicles included in the purchased carmaker
(for example, the package includes all VAG brands cars VW, Audi , Seat , Skoda , and Toyota / Lexus come in one package, like Nissan / Infinity , Ford / Mazda, etc.).

Purchase of the module and its activation in Scandate is done completely remotely, so the diagnostician has the ability to take the customer's vehicle immediately and recoup most of the cost of a module at the first machine.

Affordable price and flexible system of purchases of new brands makes Scandoc the fast scanner for the first and only device in the service station, and as an auxiliary scanner supporting the trouble spots of other multibrand devices.


A good interface makes the work much more efficient. Therefore, in developing the program for the scanner Scandoc special attention paid to ease of program and clarity of the displayed information.

Ease of car selection and menus

Select the brand of the car to diagnose simply due to the fact that the brand is divided into regions. A 'click' on the logo or the brand name, then the user will get into the mode choice model car. Each model is provided with a pattern, looking at which can be sure the right choice. The exact choice of model is very important, depending on car modification protocols can vary greatly. The scanner will tell you the location of the connector.

Automatic survey of the blocks and a comprehensive report

Scandoc allows to carry out a full survey of all vehicle systems with the formation of the final report on the number of errors in each block.

Convenience display mode codes, support freeze frame

The program gives all the information contained in the error block, including freeze frame data, if supported by the block car (data about their status and information about the state of the system at the time of occurrence of the error) – in OBD mode , and factory default Protocol:

Obtaining information about the car

Identification of the selected system allows us to obtain information about the type of the installed control unit, a version of its hardware implementation, the code for parts order, the ID of the downloaded software. In some blocks of the prescribed vehicle identification number.

Flexible settings of data flow

The main operating mode of the diagnostician – mode display the current settings.

Key parameters are displayed in the main dashboard of the program, and all the rest can be displayed in convenient for the diagnostician the form:

  1. The possibility of both graphical and numeric (tabular) data display (with tools record data for later analysis);
  2. Simultaneous display of any number of parameters;
  3. Preparation of an unlimited number of 'their' sets of parameters and choice is convenient in the moment data set;
  4. The ability to view the dependency of one parameter from another (relative graph).
  5. Integration with the interface of the gas analyzer.
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A convenient mode of actuator control

Access to the actuators is implemented via the main menu in display mode the data is current. The diagnostician has the ability to directly monitor the response of the system to a particular command on/off mechanism, the IAC, the pulse from the injector, etc.

Unique integrated mode 'Scheme'

A revolutionary concept in data mapping diagram, which depicts the diagnosed system, there are sensors with current settings. A faulty sensor (the sensor for which the error is fixed) is colored in red. Clicking on the chosen option, you can access his testimony in graphic form for easier viewing.

The main advantage of this mode is that all the parameters related to individual systems are grouped by sections. The diagnostician will be able to quickly establish the cause of the fault without spending time searching for the data total length parameter list

Depending on the selected system type of schema change to demonstrate the structural, hydraulic, pneumatic circuit or system of airbags and associated sensors. For example, the diagram displays all ABS system components, pump, hydraulic valves , speed sensors of the wheels.

View the diagram of the node changes depending on the actual design and type of system installed on the car.

The values of the single sensor, error list, node, or interface commands you can display on top of the diagram.

Quick access to additional information (the condition of the oil, tests, monitors, etc.)

Service functions

ScanDoc allows not only to carry out diagnostics and testing on the cars system, but also to perform service operations (adaptation, coding) — an adaptation of the throttle, and encoding of the injectors, the adaptation of robotic gearbox, binding, fuel pump, input the odometer reading when replacing the instrument panel, the installation angle adjustment of idling, prescription key, reset adaptations, and more. The program gives a complete description of the procedure and directs the actions of the diagnostician in the course of its implementation.

More examples of the service functions can be found on the YouTube channel Quantex :

The ease of configuration of the car

Configuring the blocks and change the configuration of the car is made in a convenient and understandable form:


Scandoc Russified more than 80%, which is one of the highest rates among multibrand scanners. Translation is carried out by professionals with the use of dealer documentation, so the user can be sure in the correctness and accuracy of the translation. All developers of diagnostic modules – speaking, so translation takes into account all peculiarities of localization, and any ambiguous point with the interpretation of the translation can be updated in the automated software technical support.

In addition to the Russian system translated into English, German and Greek languages:

Regular updates and accurate understanding of the capabilities of the device

Coverage map

All the functions implemented by the program are displayed in the coverage map. The user is able to know in advance what diagnostic information would be available to him when working with the car, and what service he can spend. Feature coverage maps Scandata is that the diagnostician can see a specific list of utilities that are implemented in each block, not General information like 'encoding is present or available adaptation'.

Coverage map ScanDoc is always available on the manufacturer's website:

Program Scandoc updated regularly. Manufacturer adds new cars, and new features for all released car�. All new features are highlighted in the coverage map with the appropriate icon 'NEW'and the user automatically sees the news program in a time when getting a new version is available

The correctness of operations

All functions tested by the developer on real units and vehicles, when running, the scanner, the user can be sure that the wrong behavior of the device will not cause faults in the car. Of course, the diagnostician should monitor the observance of all necessary conditions of carrying out of service functions, the algorithm which in addition to the programs of Scandoc should be studied in specialized databases.


During complex operations, it is desirable to have at hand additional descriptions of information databases. This information is necessary for efficient search of fault locations and resolve the problem. Scandoc is integrated with one of the most popular database system – License, access to which is implemented directly from the diagnostic programs.

Database Clients

As you know, most of the customers satisfied with the service the service does not change the repair. And in the event of a new fault will go to the same post diagnosis.

Software ScanDoc provides the ability to store and view all the session diagnosis – preserving client information, detected errors, current values and operations. The diagnostician can quickly view the entire 'history' of the serviced vehicle.

Print reports

The program can not only keep records on the conducted sessions of diagnosis, but also print all of the removed vehicle information in a convenient form, - offering a full report on the performed works and about the current state of the system. The report may include the error, the current values of any additional file formats (photo, video), data files motortestera Motodoc , any additional commentary of the diagnostician or the owner of a/m.

Technical support

Each update takes into account the specific problems of diagnosis, which might have older versions of the program. The interface is equipped with an automated feedback system with the technical support that gives you the opportunity to tell the developers about problems with the diagnosis of any system once it becomes available. The system transmits real data to the developer of the error, with accurate identification of the vehicle, which gives the possibility to accurately correct the detected error or to add new required functionality.


Scanner Scandoc – originally of Russian design (the development team moved to Germany in 2013). Therefore, with all staff by direct communication in the Russian language. Manufacturer's representatives regularly answer any questions on all thematic Internet forums, participate in workshops, conferences and trainings.

System development and testing

Devices Scandoc are developed and manufactured in Germany. Each device and its components undergo full testing of all lines for the diagnosis and processing modules and data transfer


Equipment service center located in Russia, and availability of all spare parts and components allows you to solve any service tasks in the scanner maintenance quickly, without shipment to the manufacturer in Germany, regardless of the age and condition of the device.

Specifications and features:

Functionality (different for different systems)

  • reading and decoding of error codes;
  • erasing errors;
  • conclusion current data in digital and graphical form;
  • activation of the actuators;
  • identification of systems (control units);
  • reading and programming immobilizer; Additional opportunities
  • forming groups of parameters;
  • quick tips for settings;

Technical features:

  • Supported interfaces of the program: Russian; English.
  • hardware supported protocols: KL-Line, 2xCAN, VPW, PWM, J1708;
  • software supported protocols: KW71, KW81, KW82, KW1284, DS2, ISO8, ISO14230, ISO9141, ISO15765, J1979, J1850;
  • built-in electronic commutation: 36 channels;
  • communication with computers: Wi-Fi;
  • power In: DC 9-30 from the Board. car network.

Conditions e�of espluatatsii

  • operating temperature: 0-50C ;
  • maximum relative humidity: 80% (30 C) and 50% (at 40 degrees Celsius and above);


Manual Scandoc Compact New

The change of operating mode ScanDoc Compact - J2534

A fresh version of ScanDoc is always on the official website.

To activate the modules for additional marks:

  1. Specify in the order the serial number and device type (large/compact).
  2. Within 1-24 hours (usually 1-2 hours) on working days paid stamps will be opened, will notify you by email. mail.

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