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Brand: ScanDoc (Quantex)
Product Code: Mercedes | Smart
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
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Module MERCEDES / SMART - software package for diagnostics of cars MERCEDES / SMART with the help of scanners and ScanDoc ScanDoc Compact.

Brand opens in one click via the Internet. Re-download the program ScanDoc from the website and install it no need.

The functions of the module

  • Receiving vehicle information;
  • Read and clear errors, view freeze frame;
  • Viewing the current settings;
  • Management of Executive mechanisms;
  • Graphical display of the diagnosed system
    (available for systems: engine, climate, airbag, ABS);
  • View the results of system tests
    (the condition of the oil, tests, monitors, etc.);
  • Adaptation
    (including Adaptation box 722.9 7G-Tronic, injector Compensation, Reset air filter Reset adaption of the transfer pump of the urea (AdBlue), Calibration of level sensor urea (AdBlue), Calibration of the suspension, Reset the working time of the compressor, etc.);
  • Service functions
    (including Regeneration of a diesel particulate filter, Edit VIN number, Lock unlock airbags, etc.);
  • Configuring the blocks and change the configuration of the car
    (including the Coding boxes, etc.).

Functions available for a particular vehicle depend on the version of the control unit and configuration of the machine itself. Please use the coverage map to explore the possibilities of the instrument you are interested in the car.

Examples of program MERCEDES / SMART for ScanDoc

The diesel particulate filter regeneration

Learning after replacing the differential pressure sensor

Compensation injector

Reset the air filter

Resetting the adaptation of the transfer pump of the urea (AdBlue)

Sensor calibration the level of urea (AdBlue)

Edit the VIN number


Adaptation box 722.9 7G-Tronic

Coding boxes

Toolbar - Reset service

Suspension Calibration

Suspension - Reset operation hours of compressor

The diagnosed model

A 168 A 169 A 169 Electro, A 176, A 177, 190 AMG GT, B 242, B 246, B 245, B-247, C 202, C 203, C 204, C 205, Citan (415), CL 215, CL 216, CLA 117, 118 CLA, CLC 117, CLC 203, CLK 208, 209 CLK, CLS 218, 219 CLS, CLS 257, E 207, E 210, E 211, E 212, E 213, E 238, G 461, G, 463, 164 GL, GL/GLS 166, 156 GLA, GLC 253, 167 GLE, GLE 292, 204 GLK, M 163, M-164, M/GLE 166, Maybach 240, 251 R, S 140, S 217, S 220, S 221, S 222, 129 SL, SL 230 , SL 231, 170 SLK, 171 SLK, SLK/SLC 172, SLR 199 SLS 197, SMART 450 SMART 451 SMART 452 SMART 453, SMART 454, Sprinter 906, Sprinter 907, 909 Sprinter, Sprinter 910, V (447), V (448), 414 VANEO, VARIO, Vito (448), VITO 638, VITO 639, VITO/METRIS (447), X (470/471) X 290 AMG
(December 2018, the list is constantly updated, stay tuned to the coverage map).

Supported systems

  • Engine (Engine);
  • Transmission (Transaxle);
  • System selective reduction of harmful exhaust (SCR Selective catalytic reduction);
  • The total transmission controller (PTCU Common powertrain controller );
  • All-wheel drive system (4WD);
  • Module fuel pump control (Fuel pump control module);
  • Brake system (Brake system);
  • Adaptive control shock absorbers (CDC);
  • The speed control system (Speed control);
  • Power steering (Steering);
  • The ECU 'body' electronic systems (BCM);
  • Airbag (Airbag);
  • Automatic air conditioning (Climate Control);
  • The control unit of the electronic system in the door (Door modules).
  • Headlight (Headlamp levelling);
  • Immobilizer (Immobilizer);
  • The Keyless entry system (Keyless);
  • The mirror system (Mirror);
  • A network interface (Gateway);
  • Control voltage (Power source control);
  • Electronic instrument cluster (Instrument);
  • Wiper and washer system (Wiper washer);
  • Module seat (Seat modules).
  • Control sunroof auto�Biel (Sun roof);
  • Audio system (Audio system);
  • Phone management (Phone);
  • Information display (Display);
  • A network interface (Gateway);
  • Control unit built-in TV (TV);
  • The control tire pressure (TPMS);
  • GPS system (GPS);
  • System Parking aid (Park pilot).

and others (the list is constantly updated, stay tuned to the coverage map).

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