13 Kamaz EDC7UC31 DTC

Product Code: 13
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
Reward Points: 30
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The module allows you to display, edit and compare the error mask of the Kamaz car with the Bosch EDC7UC31 ECU.
Displaying error codes according to the standard OBD/SAE (P Code), SPN, Customer code, KTS code.
Error mask comparison mode with the ability to display values in the compared file.
Search for the error code by the OBD code, SPN, Customer code, KTS code, a match in the description.
Displaying extended firmware IDs.
The module does not correct firmware checksums. It is recommended to record the firmware using the Combiloader programmer. Before recording, Combiloader will adjust the checksums (CS) automatically.
Supported software:
  • 702V141_740.60-360-290812_5460-4010142-01
  • 702V141_740.60-360-290812_6460-4010122-01
  • 702V141_740.602-360-170214_5350-4010121-01
  • 702V141_740.602-360-170214_6460-4010122-01
  • 702V141_740.61-320-290812_5460-4010142-01
  • 702V141_740.61-320-290812_6460-4010122-01
  • 702V141_740.612-320-170214_6460-4010122-01
  • 702V141_740.62-280-290812_5460-4010142-01
  • 702V141_740.62-280-290812_6460-4010122-01
  • 702V141_740.622-280-170214_5350-4010121-01
  • 702V141_740.622-280-170214_65111-4010121-01
  • 702V141_740.622-280-260815_5350-4010121
  • 702V141_740.622-280-280915_65111-4010121
  • 702V141_740.63-400-290812_5460-4010142-01
  • 702V141_740.63-400-290812_6460-4010122-01
  • 702V141_740.632-400-170214_65111-4010121-01
  • 702V141_740.632-400-170214_6560-4010121-021
  • 702V141_740.642-420-170214_65111-4010121-01
  • 702V141_740.652-260-170214_5350-4010121-01
  • 702V141_740.662-300-170214_65111-4010121-01
  • 702V141_740.662-300-170214_65111-4010121-02
  • 702V141_740.662-300-290812_5350-4010121
  • 702V141_740.73-400-070714_6460-4010122-01
  • 702V141_740.73-400-070714_6460-4010141-01
  • 702V141_740.73-400-070714_6460-4010141-02
  • 702V141_740.73-400-290812_6460-4010122-01
  • 986702V310_740.705-300-020418_5350-4010010-16_OFF_FAN_OFF_EFU
  • 986702V310_740.705-300-020418_65115-4010010-16
  • 986702V310_740.705-300-190618_5350-4010010-16_OFF_FAN_ON_EFU_20-06-18
  • 986702V310_740.705-300-190618_65115-4010010-16_OFF_FAN_OFF_EFU_20-06-18
  • 986702V310_740.705-300-190618_65115-4010010-16_OFF_FAN_ON_EFU_20-06-18
  • 986702V310_740.705-300-190618_65115-4010010-16_ON_FAN_ON_EFU_20-06-18
  • 986702V310_740.735-400-020418_5350-4010010-16_FAN

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