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The SAE J2534 standard was introduced in 2002 to ensure the ability to reprogram the ECU via interfaces from different manufacturers. J2534 defines a standard interface to exchange data between the PC and the adapter. Because of this, the software manufacturer may, without delving into the specifics of the hardware implementation of the adapter is third party, use it to programme the control unit.

Exists today adapter bootloader CombiLoader can't work, for example, CAN interface, therefore, the use of the J2534 adapter allows you to expand the list of supported ECU types.

On the market equipment for vehicles you can meet quite a large number of different types of adapters that support this standard in a given volume. Theoretically, any of them can work with our bootloader, however, when using an unknown adapter is required to test the compatibility of work with our boot loader on the 'live' UNIT.

The purpose of the adapter Dialink:

  • J2534 compatible adapter.
  • Together with a supplied library J2534 interface DiaLink can be used for ECU reprogramming loader CombiLoader or ECU diagnosis third-party software.
  • Adapter for working with SMS-Diagnostics 3.
  • In conjunction with the program SMS-3 Diagnostics used for diagnostics of modern control systems for vehicles with standard diagnostic connector, SAE J1962 (connection to other diagnostic connectors provided by additional adapters)


  • The ability to work with trucks (bortset 24 Volt)
  • The best compatibility with the standards J2534 (*1)
  • Higher speed operation (*2)
  • The perfect balance of price, quality and features

*1 in comparison with the OpenPort for adapter.

*2 exchange rate ISO-11898 (CAN) reaches the maximum bus bandwidth. It is up to 8 times faster than the speed of popular OpenPort adapter.

Dialink supported protocols:

  • ISO-9141/ISO-14230 (K/L-Line)
  • J1850 VPW/PWM
  • ISO 11898/ISO-15765 (CAN)


  • Bortset car with 12 volts
  • bortset vehicle with 24-volt
  • Powered by USB connector of personal computer

Full working supply voltage range is 8..35 Volts, which guarantees reliable operation in all operating conditions, including trucks.

Communication with PC (laptop):

  • USB cable

Used contacts of the diagnostic connector:

  • 2(BUS+)/10(BUS): J1850 VPW/PWM (Ford/GM/Chrysler...)
  • 4/5: earth
  • 6(CAN-H)/14(CAN-L): ISO 11898/ISO-15765 CAN
  • 7(K-Line)/15(L-Line): ISO-9141/ISO 14230 K/L-line (a bidirectional line)
  • 16: power

Additional features:

Thanks to the integrated microprocessor, the adapter DiaLink, in addition to the functions diagnostic adapter for SMS-Diagnostics 3 or J2534-compliant devices can be configured for use in the following modes

  • K-Line — allows you to work with any programs designed for a standard USB K-Line adapter
  • D-CAN allows you to work with system diagnostics of cars BMW EDIABAS via (driver STD:OBD) support K-bus and CAN-bus
  • ELM327 allows you to work with programs designed to work with the popular ELM327 chip
  • CANHacker — allows you to work with programs designed to work on Lawicel-compatible Protocol (e.g., CANHacker)

The list of supported systems program SMS Diag 3:

  • Renault Logan (engine)
  • VAZ: January-5.1, January-7.2
  • VASES: VS-5.1
  • GAS-VS-5.6, VS-8
  • VAZ: Bosch M1.5.4(N) Bosch MP7.0, Bosch M7.9.7, Bosch ME17.9.7
  • UAZ: Bosch M17.9.7, Bosch M17.9.71 Bosch ME17.9.7, Bosch ME17.9.71
  • GAS: Mikas-5.4, Mikas-7.1, Mikas-7.6, Mikas-10.3 (M103,M113,M114,M124), Mikas-11(CR,ET)
  • VAZ: M73
  • VAZ: M74 (electronic gas pedal)
  • VAZ: M74.5 (electronic gas pedal)
  • VAZ: M75 (electronic gas pedal)
  • The immobilizer APS-4
  • The immobilizer APS-6
  • Electro the NORM
  • Control system heater SAWO
  • Control system climate control SAUCE
  • Electric power steering AMURO


  • Friendly graphical interface with selectable color schemes
  • Up to 7 simultaneously displayed graphs in a scalable way
  • Up to 20 additional numeric parameters
  • 10 custom presets
  • Fast switching of the parameter sets directly at the time of diagnosis
  • The ability to save a scan session
  • The ability to save to a text delimited file (export to MS Excel)
  • Management for all supported types of actuators
  • View and edit�rovanie identification data (VIN, chassis number, engine number, etc.)
  • Viewing and resetting trouble codes (DTCs)
  • View records of service of the Registrar
  • Execution of initialization routines and adaptations
  • Diagnosis of misfire
  • Viewing the contents of memory training
  • Data display ADC channels
  • Displays the status of the immobilizer
  • Display configuration
  • The ability to connect a Innovate Motorsports alfamicro for display and logging parameters ALF and AFR
  • View logs and the database access is supported without connection of adapter

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