Bosch MEDC17 PSA, SID807 PSA (kit)

Brand: CombiLoader (SMS-Soft)
Product Code: Bosch MEDC17 PSA, SID807 PSA
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
Reward Points: 100
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The modules are designed to read/write FLASH memory of ECU Bosch MEDC17 and write FLASH memory of ECU SID807 cars Peugeot/Citroen via the diagnostic connector.
The modules support the following types of ECUS:
  • Bosch EDC17C10 (CPU TC1797)
  • Bosch MED17.4 (CPU TC1766)
  • Bosch MEV17.4 (TC1796 processor and external memory)
  • Bosch MEV17.4 (CPU TC1766)
  • Bosch MEV17.4.2 (TC1767 processor)
  • SID807 (TC1796 processor and external memory)
  • SID807EVO (CPU TC1797)
Modules is automatic correction of the KS calibration during the recording.
Supported file formats:
  • Uncompressed BIN (plain binary).
  • Compressed BIN (format SMS-BIN).
  • SMS-Soft Container File (new format for ChipTuningPRO and CombiLoader).

Reference to the program

Software and the operating instructions delivered with kajim set the boot loader on the CD.

The current version can always be downloaded on the website of the developer.

To activate additional modules CombiLoader:

  1. Before to insert the usb key into your PC, be sure to install the driver Senselock dongle
  2. Check that you have software version 2.16
  3. Run the program and select the menu item Help – About the program
  4. Double click on the serial number of the host adapter or dongle. All identification data will be copied to the clipboard
  5. When ordering or at the first activation email. mail press Ctrl-V to paste the data.
    Loader v2.16.5811 / 29.11.2015
    USB host number 00000000 v01.01.18
    Key No. 0000 0000 0000 0000 v01.84
  6. Within 1-24 hours (usually 1-2 hours) on working days will send you activation codes for paid modules.
  7. Activation codes are as follows (for example, real data may be different). The characters that you want to copy to window enter the code shown in bold.
    Activation codes (host adapter key 00000000 0000 0000 0000 0000):
    January-7.2+/M73: c6B/qfLyFYYxI1prLh0+4bUvFPHHmY3C
  8. After receiving activation code in your application, select the menu item Help – Enter activation code. In the dialog box that appears, copy the one code of activation. Repeat for each new code.

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