[54] BOSCH ME17.8.8 - OBD2

Brand: ChipLoader (ChipSoft)
Product Code: NG 54
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
Reward Points: 9
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Module for the new version of the program Chiploader NG
The module [54] Bosch ME17. 8. 8-OBD2 is designed to read and write the diagnostic method of the calibration area of the ECU ME17.8.8, installed on various Chinese cars.
Detailed information on the module's capabilities and instructions for working with it can be downloaded here.
Additionally supported:
  • Checking and recalculating the checksum
  • Reading and decoding OBD2 errors
  • Resetting errors
  • Extracting the Tricore password from the read firmware
The current list of supported ECUs can be viewed in the ChipLoaderNG program itself. ECU identification, reading, and error reset can be performed both without a license and without a USB key.


Before to insert the usb key into your PC, be sure to install the driver Senselock dongle

ChipLoader Program Is 2.34

The latest version you can always find on the website

Official forum support product.

Manual activation of the program and additional modules ChipLoader:

  1. Install driver usb key, insert usb key into PC.
  2. From the KeyManager program (in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ChipLoader) copy the serial number of the usb key by the key combination 'CTRL' + 'C', and paste with the key combination 'CTRL' + 'V' to e-mail you want to send to the address info@ecupro.ru indicating your order number.
  3. After you receive a pin code via email, insert it into the KeyManager program, press 'Activate'.

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