Toyota Denso Diesel 2.8D (author Vladimir Kulikov)

Brand: Куликов Владимир
Product Code: Toyota Denso Diesel 2.8D
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
Reward Points: 180
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The Toyota Denso Diesel 2.8D module supports all software versions, including GEN3; processors D76F0196F1 (1536Kb), D76F0219F1 (2048kB), R7F701202 (4096Kb). Designed for chip tuning of Toyota cars with 2.8L diesel engines, Denso ECU.
Pay attention:
  • Third-party developer modules! Technical support from the author of the module (V. Kulikova).
Supported software versions, Toyota Denso Diesel 2.8D module:
  • 89663-60X13
  • 89663-60X15
  • 89663-60X16
  • 89663-60X18
  • 89663-60X23
  • 89663-60X24
  • 89663-60X26
  • 89663-60X27
  • 89663-60X28
  • 89663-60X29
  • 89663-60X35
  • 89663-60X44
  • 89663-60X46
  • 89663-F0F33
  • 89663-F0F41
  • 89663-F0S93
  • 89663-F0593
  • 89663-F0595
  • 89663-F0597
  • 89663-F0598
  • 89663-F0599
  • 89663-F0681
  • 89663-F0682
  • 89663-F0683
  • 89663-F0684
  • 89663-F0685
  • 89663-F0686
  • 89663-F0687
  • 89663-F0688
  • 89663-F0689
  • 89663-60Z35
  • 89663-60Z42
  • 89663-60Z43
  • 89663-F0R73
  • 89663-F0121
  • 89663-F0507
  • 89663-F0566
  • 89663-F0613
  • 89663-F0733
  • 89663-F0742
  • 89663-F0801
  • 89663-FA100
  • 89663-FAD60
  • 89663-6A770
  • 89663-6A830
  • 89663-26F40
  • 89663-26J20
  • 89663-26M10
  • 89663-26U10
  • 89663-29C48
About 600 basic calibrations are available for modification.

Before to insert the USB key into your PC, be sure to install the driver Senselock dongle

Instructions for activation of additional modules:

  1. To run the program
  2. Click the tab 'Help'
  3. Select Activation 'additional modules'
  4. In appeared window choose menu 'I paid an extra module and I want to send request activation code'
  5. To fill the data (name, e-mail)
  6. Click 'save to file'. Save the text file on the computer. Important: do not press 'send'.
  7. Saved file to send to indicating your order number.
  8. Within 1-24 hours(usually 2-3 hours) on working days you will receive an e-mail response code that you want to copy in the window menu 'to Enter the activation code of the additional module'
  9. After entering the code You paid for the module is active and can be seen in the tab 'About' - 'additional modules'

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