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Portable optical Refractometer is a precise tool for determining the freezing point of the coolant, liquid glass cleaner and a density of batteries in passenger cars, trucks, buses and tractors. Can be used in low-light conditions.
  • Check the range of the freezing point: 0°C – 50°C
  • Range check batteries density: 1.00 g/cm3 – 1.30 g/cm3
  • Minimum graduation the freezing point: 5°C
  • Minimum graduation electrolyte density: 0.01 g/cm3
  • The concentration of glycol: 0 — 60%.
Method of application:
The basis of the testing process is based on the principle of decomposition of light, which allows accurate measurement. The reading device is made of a clear dividing line the light/dark. Test it both cold and hot liquid. The sharpness of the image is regulated by rotating the eyepiece. The accuracy of the device is controlled with distilled water.
The testing process:
  • Make sure that the prism tool (1) and cover (2) clean.
  • Using the supplied pipette, place a drop of test fluid on the prism (1).
  • Close the cover (2), it will lead to the spreading of the liquid.
  • Rotate the eyepiece (4) so as to achieve focusing.
  • Read the scale value at the dividing line of Light/Dark.
  • After each test carefully clean the prism with a clean dry cloth.
Attention! Checking the accuracy of readings by using the test of distilled water. While testing, the line is light/dark in the same line WATERLINE. If there is a mismatch, adjust the position of the dividing line by turning screw (3) under the cap.

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