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Modules activation in the presence of the usb key 1-24 hours in business days (usually 1-2 hours).

The program ChipExplorer is a powerful file editor firmware of the ECU with the following features:

  1. Review the values of calibration in the form of 2-and 3-dimensional graphs.
  2. Advanced editing 2-d and 3-d graphs.
  3. Visual comparison of the firmware.
  4. Simultaneous work with multiple projects.
  5. Export and import values of calibrations.
  6. Visualization of the firmware in the form of a graph.
  7. Search options in the visual mode.
  8. Creating your own modules calibrations.
  9. Creating modules calibrations for use by external users
  10. Automatic search of the parameters using the rules of similarity.
  11. Support for more checksum recalculation in more than 40 types of ECU.
  12. Module calibrations for the ECU car of Ukrainian and Russian production in the basic version.
  13. Protection against unauthorized use of the calibration modules and projects.

ChipExplorer supports recalculation of checksums of the firmware for the following types of ECUS: January 4, January 5, January 7.2, VS 5.1, Bosch, M1.5.4, Bosch ME9.1, EMS3132, EMS3134, HV240, MR140, IAW5SF, IEFI6, ITMS6F, M74, M7 Bosch.9.7, Bosch M7.9.8, the Bosch ME7.9.9, 10.3 Mikas, Mikas 10.3(+)/Mikas 11.3, 11.4 Mikas, Mikas 7.1, Mikas 7.6, Delphi MT20U Delphi MT20U2, Delphi MT22, Delphi MT38, 3000 Sagem, Siemens SIM2K-34VR, Siemens, Siemens SIM2K-140/141/341, Siemens SIM2K-47, SIMK31 Siemens, Siemens SIMK43, SIMK42 Siemens, Simos 7.1, 7.5 Simtec, Simtec 7.6, Sirius D3/D4/D32/D42/D52, Sirius S32.

Built-in support for editing firmware the following types of ECUS: January 4, January 5, January 7.2, VS 5.1, Bosch, M1.5.4, 10.3 Mikas, Mikas 10.3(+)/Mikas 11.3, 11.4 Mikas, Mikas 7.1, Mikas 7.6

With video lessons on work in ChipExplorer can be found here: http://www.chipsoft.ru/index.php/news-archive/65-chipexplorer-video-lessons

The help file of the program can be downloaded at this link.

License Standard provides for the establishment of calibration modules and projects, but limits their spread. To use the module calibrations or project created under license from Standard , only the user who created them. To spread user-created modules calibrations and projects required licensed Professional.

If necessary the user can change the license type from Standard to Professional.

License term 1 year means that during that period of activation of the USB key, the user gets free software updates, calibration modules, modules, checksums and other components directly in ChipExplorer. After the expiration of the license, the user may use the older version of the program ChipExplorer without any restrictions.

Before to insert the usb key into your PC, be sure to install the driver Senselock dongle

Utility to retrieve the serial key number

The help file for the program

font-size: 13px;'>Program ChipExplorer


Instructions for the initial activation of the program:

  1. Install the driver software for the usb key, then connect usb key to PC
  2. Download and run the utility to get the serial key number
  3. Paste the number into a special field during checkout, or send the serial number of your key, indicating your order number to us on email info@ecupro.ru
  4. Once we have a pin code, run the program ChipExplorer and paste the code

Активация модулей ChipExplorer

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