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Oscillographic Express motor-tester 'Premier' (hereinafter, device) is designed to study the electrical circuits of petrol and diesel engines, with the aim of diagnosing problems in them. The device is powered by the oscilloscope from JYETech DSO Shell ltd. The device has a wide input voltage range, and the horizontal sweep, allowing to study the electrical signals with a frequency up to 200 kHz. This range is sufficient for studies of most automobile electrical signals. Including the signals of the crankshaft sensor, injector, generator (when connecting inductive sensor, contactless) using the capacitive sensor to explore the signals sparking in the primary and in the secondary ignition circuit. The device is Autonomous and does not require additional equipment for the visualization of information (computer or laptop) has a small size and weight. His food can be made from the road network through a special cable, and AC adapter or 9 volt batteries. To power the device from the network car's 12-24 volt unit comes with a cable with power Converter on 9 volts. The cable is equipped with clips of type 'crocodile' to connect to the vehicle battery. To obtain a stable signal characteristics, and stable synchronization, electrical and software part of the device we are periodically refined.

Motor-tester 'Prime plus' is equipped with integrated in the device housing a lithium polymer battery, 750 mA/h. in Addition, in the case additionally, you'll enhance up to 9 Volts voltage Converter, protect from full discharge battery and a charger with a MicroUSB connector. Thus to charge the battery from the phone can charge most models of phones, either from the data cable of these devices and USB connector to any device (computer, laptop, car charger, etc.). The glow of the charge indicator, red – charging, green – battery is charged. The device comes with a MicroUSB cable>>USB. When charging the device, the negative cable of the charger is different from the common wire of the device potential. Therefore, during operation, do not connect the charge from an onboard network of the car or other object on which work is carried out with the device. The instrument can also operate from an external power source voltage of 9 volts, as the base version. But when you connect the power connector on the device turns on immediately, bypassing the power switch. The operation of the device at a new, fully charged battery, at least 2 hours.

Technical parameters of the device:

  • Number of channels: 1
  • Analog bandwidth: 0 - 200kHz
  • Maximum sampling rate: 1 MHz
  • Sensitivity: 5 mV / div to 20 V / div
  • Measurement error: <5%
  • ADC resolution: 12-Bit
  • Input impedance: 1 mω
  • Maximum input voltage: 50 V (with a divider 10X – 500)
  • Input: DC, AC, GND (open/closed/off input)
  • Horizontal scan: 10 µs / div to 500 s / div
  • Record length: 1024 Bits
  • Trigger modes synchronization: AUTO/NORMAL/SINGLE (auto, standby, single)
  • Types of fronts of clock start trigger: rising / falling fronts
  • The position of trigger synchronization: fixed 1/2 the size of the buffer
  • Screen: 2.4-inch color TFT display with 320 x 240 resolution
  • Power source: DC9V
  • Current consumption: 120 mA at 9 V
  • Device size: 115 mm x 75 mm x 22 mm
  • Device weight: 100 g (not including cables and power supply)

Trim tool:

  • Motor-Tester 'Premier'
  • Power adapter with cable 10-26 Volts > 9V with alligator clips red and black (for units with internal rechargeable battery charge cable for USB>>MicroUSB)
  • Specialized cable probe with a nozzle and sliding contact 'hook'
  • Express capacitive sensor with planar sensing element
  • Express inductive sensor cylindrical sensing element
  • Universal cable with alligator clips red and black colors

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