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The price is for the basic module MT-Pro 4.1

Diagnostic complex MT Pro allows you to effectively troubleshoot the following systems:

Ignition system

  • Checking the status of your candles and candle wires (deposits, breakages, breakdowns)
  • The definition of the modes and malfunctions of the ignition coil (inter-turn short-circuit verification of correct connection, breakdowns)
  • Diagnosis of sensors of the ignition system (inductive, hall)
  • The definition of corners of an advancing of ignition (no strobe)

Fuel system

  • Electrical injector test (winding short circuit windings of the injectors, the duration of the injection phase, etc.)
  • Check the operation of the temperature sensors, throttle position sensor, oxygen sensor, mass air flow, etc.
  • Check the operation of the actuators (IAC etc.)

System timing

  • Assessment of the relative compression in cylinders in the mode of the starter scroll
  • Measurement of compression in dynamics (on running engine) and scroll mode
  • Determining the correct installation of the timing belt
  • Control valves

The power supply system and charging

  • Check the operation of the generator and the battery charging system


  • Simultaneous display on the screen data of 1, 2, 3 ...7, 8 analogue channels and the 9th channel of the synchronization
  • Synchronization of signals of almost all electrical circuits
  • A long time signal recording (limited by available disk space)
  • The possibility of saving data about the received signals and supporting reports

The main differences from 4.1 MT Pro MT Pro 4:

1. Completely redesigned the power unit.
1.1. Power supply: +5±0.5 Volts / 350 mA.
1.2. Added protection: leaks and damaged bulbs, over-voltage, ripple voltage, long-term excess of the permissible value of the supply voltage will burn the protective fuse resistor during a short-term jump in supply voltage or what not.
1.3. Implemented galvanic isolation on the power, i.e. the power source, such as a USB port of a PC, will be galvanically isolated from the measuring circuits of the device.
1.4. In the supplied patch Corda integrated line power supply from USB port of PC, i.e. the exchange of data (high noise immunity Ethernet) and power supply (galvanic isolation) are on a single cable.

Almost all of the burnt MT Pro 4 is out of order because of the use of the external power supply, where either the polarity was not correct, or was the ripple or AC voltage, which in the best case disabling only m/s power, and at worst an all powerful m/s.
Part of the devices burned when connecting the measurement ground of the device to the power bus or battery+, i.e. if the power cord is connected correctly on the battery, i.e. battery - it was the case of the device, when measured touched, such as a black CROC probe to battery+, as a result of getting KZ battery through the body of the instrument: battery+ -> the black test lead crocodile -> body/weight of the device -> power cable -> battery-.

2. Redesigned LAN port of the device for normal operation with the old PC via Straight-through (just passing) patch cord. Network card, for example, the Realtek chipset RTL8139, does not support Auto-MDI/MDI-X (automatic mode selection by direct or cross-crimping of twisted pair) which had to look for Cross-over (zero haben) patch cord, which is not very often found on sale.

The package is formed by the buyer, there are also ready-made kits.

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