Module 46 Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Hino generation 2

Brand: ИП Вдовикин О. И.
Product Code: Модуль 46 PCMflash
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
Reward Points: 100
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The module is designed for operation with control units new generation engines, built using microcontrollers 76F0196/198/199/219. Supported entry, verification and correction of the COP, and for units employing the new Protocol P5 - reading of the internal flash via the OBD.
  • 76F0196/198/199/219 CAN-bus [WR/CK]
  • 76F0196/198/199/219 P5-CAN-bus [RD/WR/CK]
  • 76F0199 GearBox P5-CAN-bus [RD/WR/CK]

What is this car? 2016 model year, the size of the firmware 1280/1536/2048кб.

The first line in our market is a diesel 150 Prado and Hilux, the motor 2.4 and 2.8 liters, and 150 Prado, gasoline engine 4.0 L. For them at the moment, there are 6 stock files:
Prado 150:
89663-60X13 - update for 89663-60X10, 89663-60X11, 89663-60X12
89663-60X23 - update for 89663-60X20, 89663-60X21, 89663-60X22
89663-60X71 - update for 89663-60X70
89663-F0303 - update for 89663-F0300, 89663-F0301, 89663-F0302
89663-F0433 - update for 89663-F0430, 89663-F0431, 89663-F0432
89663-F0593 - update for 89663-F0590, 89663-F0591, 89663-F0592
These stock files, or modified may be used instead of any of the above, the loader will automatically update in the recording process, i.e. in advance to upgrade with the CUW is not necessary. The files themselves have all recommended me to the calibrators that deal with Toyotas.
The second line is a Toyota Camry with a 2.0 l motor to release in January 2015, Auris/Corolla with engine 1.2 l turbo, the Lexus with the motor 2.0 l turbo, and with the atmospheric engine of 3.5 l (for example RX350). The probability that in the future more and more models and engines will be here.
The third line, the second processor controls the automatic transmission. These cars use a new diagnostic Protocol P5-CAN and will be identified only by the respective strings, for they are available to read. When reading the block size of the flash is determined automatically. Read 10-16 minutes, depending on the size of the flash.
Recording units are safe, 'blockages' in the process of recording should not be, even when power is off. In the event of an error, you must first try to repeat the operation (the program will offer it), and if you cannot continue to refuse repetition, to turn the ignition off and start the process again. The recording lasts for 2-4 minutes depending on your computer's performance.
However, as with all brands, there is a chance to brick if the recorded VA�and inside the file is corrupted or in the process of modification was spoiled important parts of it. In addition, these blocks do not forgive errors in the checksums, they simply cease to start. So, do NOT DISABLE the correction of the COP, why would You not say.

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