Module 39 VAZ/UAZ ME17.9.71

Brand: ИП Вдовикин О. И.
Product Code: Модуль 39 PCMflash
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
Reward Points: 50
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The module is designed to work with blocks motor control ME17.9.71 a/m UAZ and VAZ. Supports recording serial firmware through the diagnostic connector and/m, and modified by firmware after a single unlocking of the ECU in BSL mode, with no prior 'training'. Verification and correction checksums.

  • Patriot/Hunter/Bukhanka 2.7 L (ME17.9.71) [RD/WR/CK] entry after unlocking
  • Niva 1.7 L (ME17.9.71) [RD/WR/CK] entry after unlocking
  • ME17.9.71 (TC1724/BSL) [RD]

Order of the unlock:

1) First, in the car (or on the table without the 'casks'), you need to subtract the password. For this select in the list of modules ME17.9.71 UAZ or Niva and click reading. The program subtracts the password of the unit and prompts you to save it to a file (the file name will be the serial number of the unit, it is also listed on the cover of the unit). In parallel, the program will write the current status of the unit, i.e. whether or not to enable signature verification. If already disabled, then someone did it earlier and the following steps can be skipped.

2) Remove unit from car, open and install two resistors of 1 kOhm as shown below:

Next, attach power, CAN bus as indicated in the figure. Wire +12V and ignition (IGN) combine together. If you want to work diagnosis (i.e., identification, read / clear error), then connect the K-line depending on the type of AT - UAZ or Niva, because it uses different pins. Please note that diagnostics works only without the resistors.

3) In the loader choose ME17.9.71/BSLи click the button reading. The program will ask to point to the file with a password, you must specify the file that you saved in the first stage. Next, the team programs to include food (not earlier and not later). The unit should start to read and less to get full. Turn off the unit.

4) click Initialize to unlock the unit. The program again asks for the password file. Next, the team programs to include food (not earlier and not later). On successful completion of the operation all ready. You can unsolder the resistors and then to sew anything on the OBD.

Another point that is worth knowing. Programming for HBS occurs on the CAN bus. So, with these blocks, you can safely run the car without worrying about possible interference blocks of comfort, immobilizer, etc. K-line. In the case, e�whether the entry for the HBS was broken, calmly repeat the operation. Note that the diagnostics it will not work, because the work with K-line is implemented at the software level, not the loader block.

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