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Launch CReader V+ is a multifunction scanner in Russian reader Troubleshooting codes for cars that support OBD-II standard, including CAN. The scanner allows you to read and erase codes of malfunctions of vehicles.

Low cost Launch CReader 5+ allows you to purchase and use it in a service station, and ordinary motorists on the road or in the garage. The large color screen of your device distinguishes Launch Creader V+ from the previous models of this manufacturer.

Advantages for service stations:

  • The device pays for itself after 2-3 diagnostics of vehicles.
  • Dimensions Launch CReader V+ allows you to store it, for example, in the pocket of his overalls.
  • The device is powered directly from the diagnostic connector - no need for additional batteries.
  • Large LCD display simplifies use of the device.
  • Easy feature updates from the official site of the ruler

Advantages of Launch Creader V+ for car owners:

  • Almost free diagnostics of your own car - no need pay for fault finding and erasing their codes, and sometimes even no need to visit the support.
  • The cost of the scanner is comparable to the cost of 3 hours of diagnostics in the service station (or 2-3 visits to the stations), so the device pays for itself quickly.
  • Due to its small size, Launch CReader V+ fits in the glove compartment or in the door shelf.
  • Large bright color display makes it easier to run diagnostics.
  • There is a possibility to update the device from the product's website
  • Menu completely Russified, but the explanations of error codes is given in English.

The Functions Of Launch Creader 5+:

  • A quick display of error codes on the display of the scanner;
  • Diagnostics of key engine parameters (rpm, throttle position, spark advance);
  • Diagnosis and testing exhaust system;
  • Test the oxygen sensor;
  • Support mode of the oscilloscope and simultaneously display up to 4 charts;
  • The snapshot function to record parameters;
  • Connect to computer through USB;
  • Free updates and libraries of technical parameters;
  • Does not require a separate power source, powered from the diagnostic port.

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