Continental SIM2K-241/242/245

Brand: ChipTuningPro (SMS-Soft)
Product Code: Continental SIM2K-241/242/245
Activate in 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
Reward Points: 180
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Additional module for chip tuning Hyundai and Kia, ECU Continental (Siemens) SIM2K-241/242/245.
Supported versions:
  • KR77355119
  • KR77355121
  • KR77355122
  • KR77355137
  • KR77395114 (in development)
  • KR77395116
  • KR77395119
  • KR77315135
  • KR77315138
Features of the module:
  • Professional module — 750 calibration maps (for version KR77395119).
  • The possibility of opening the flash SMS-Soft Container File (new format for ChipTuningPRO and CombiLoader).
  • The possibility of opening a firmware in BIN format (normal binary).
  • Automatic checksum when you save the firmware.
  • For additional protection from accidental modifications of the data, which may affect the driving safety of the vehicle, saving the firmware default is made in the format of SMS-Soft Container File compatible with the loader CombiLoader.
  • The possibility of saving the firmware in BIN format (normal binary).
  • The ECU programming is done using the loader CombiLoader.
The module allows you to produce professional chip tuning. The cards contain about 750(!) calibrations that allow full configuration of the system under the client's wishes.
You can change the calibration Manager modes (the shift mode of enrichment at the pedal and the time), idle speed and correction of the fuel delivery in all modes, including injection advance angle with static and dynamic corrections, calibration, torque model, a limiter throttle/torque/rpm/speed, filter calibration time, calibration of sensors, the characteristics of injectors, calibration of the system of regulation of the intake system and VVT system, calibration of the air-conditioning system, calibration management GUS, calibration of conditions and limits of adaptation in the lambda probe, mask, DTC and much more.

Before to insert the USB key into your PC, be sure to install the driver Senselock dongle

Instructions for activation of additional modules:

  1. To run the program
  2. Click the tab 'Help'
  3. Select Activation 'additional modules'
  4. In appeared window choose menu 'I paid an extra module and I want to send request activation code'
  5. To fill the data (name, e-mail)
  6. Click 'save to file'. Save the text file on the computer. Important: do not press 'send'.
  7. Saved file to send to indicating your order number.
  8. Within 1-24 hours(usually 2-3 hours) on working days you will receive an e-mail response code that you want to copy in the window menu 'to Enter the activation code of the additional module'
  9. After entering the code You paid for the module is active and can be seen in the tab 'About' - 'additional modules'

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