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MPVI2 is a fundamentally new adapter of the latest generation from HP Tuners. Together with the VCM Suite software (VCM Scanner and VCM Editor) as well as additional and interface cables, it makes up a hardware and software complex for reading, writing, editing firmware, as well as for diagnostics and logging. The adapter is made in a compact package and is equipped with an OBDII connector, a proprietary expansion connector, a USB-C connector for connecting to a PC and Bluetooth technology for communication with mobile devices.
Separately, we can note the support of the TrackAddict mobile software, which allows the MPVI2 to be used as a telemetry device in various modes of racing competitions, such as drag racing, ring racing, rally, etc.
MPVI2 provides high-speed data exchange, which allows you to get a complete picture of the operation of your engine and transmission, so as not to miss a single important detail.
List of supported vehicles and systems
Pro Feature Set
A set of functions for professionals takes your interaction with MPVI2 to a new level. It includes a Pro-Link cable and firmware with advanced functionality, which allows you to register additional analog signals that the engine or transmission control unit does not register. It comes with a free Pro-Link cable that allows you to connect up to two analog inputs. Soon there will be additional features that will be available to all users of the professional version!
VCM Editor
VCM Editor is a loader and calibration editor that comes with MPVI2 and allows you to read and write the internal memory of a large number of engine and transmission control units of various cars and save the firmware in its own format.HPT. All firmware read with MPVI2 can be edited and recorded only with VCM Editor!
The software allows you to read not only calibration tables (maps area), but also the full image of the ECU memory (full flash), and also has built-in recovery functions, thanks to which working with the MPVI2 package is safe and accessible to everyone.
Thanks to the built-in calibration cards, VCM Editor allows you to configure many parameters, such as torque strategies, ignition tables, fuel supply control tables, fuel pressure and boost pressure, speed limits, fan switching thresholds, gear shift points, sensor settings, actuators, configuration flags (catalyst, particulate filter, secondary air system, immobilizer) and much more.
VCM Scanner
VCM Scanner provides you with a powerful tool for viewing identification data (Software ID), viewing and resetting error codes (DTC), current engine operation parameters (Live Data) and recording logs via the OBDII diagnostic connector. VCM Scanner uses native exchange protocols, which allows you to monitor a large number of parameters simultaneously. Diagnostics does not require the purchase of licenses, so the device can be used as a diagnostic scanner!
Licensing system
The licensing system is designed to provide the ability to work with certain cars or control units. There are several types of licenses:
License for one car with binding by VIN or ID. The device works only with those vehicles and VCM, ECM, PCM units for which you have activated the license. Replacing the block in some cases may require re-licensing;
Licenses of the "year/model" type will work on an unlimited number of cars of this model of certain release years;
Unlimited licenses will allow you to customize all the cars that fall under this group of vehicles.
Individual licenses are basic for the device, other types of licensing may not be available for many types of cars.
Licenses are purchased for the domestic currency, the so-called "credits". The cost of licenses can be found in the list of supported cars, opposite the model of interest. The high cost of licenses is compensated by the extensive editing capabilities of the available labels!

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