Updating PCM flash
1. In the VAG DSG/CVT module 58, support for MB VGS-FDCT/VGS2-FDCT mechatronics has been added in service mode (on the table). Flash and eeprom reading and writing are supported.
  • VGS-FDCT Boot (TC1766/MICRO) [RD/WR]
  • VGS2-FDCT Boot (TC1784/MICRO) [RD/WR]
  • VGS2-FDCT Boot (TC1784/EEPROM) [RD/WR]
2. The module 74 "Toyota/Lexus generation 3" has added the ability to read and write the ECU of the F33A-FTV engine installed in Toyota LC300 vehicles with a 3.3L diesel engine. Direct connection to the ECU connector is required, reading, writing, checking and correcting checksums are supported.
3. The module 80 "Denso SH725xx/1N83M Bootloader" has added support for Denso ECUs using a microcontroller with a 1N83M mask installed in Mazda cars (generation 4), Subaru with 1.6L, 2.0L, 2.5L DI gasoline engines (with direct injection, until 2021), as well as Hino 300 trucks (EU5/EU6). It supports reading, writing, cloning, checking and correcting checksums.
  • 1N83M FLASH [RD/WR/CK]
  • 1N83M EEPROM [RD/WR]

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